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NewContemporary Hydrangea Needlepoint Kit Dimensions #7221 5" x 5" New Rare
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NewNEEDLEPOINT KIT - Rhapsody Contemporary Design in Pink Green & Burgundy
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NewContemporary Coffee Mini Needlepoint Kit-5"X5" Stitched In Floss
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NewDimensions Needlepoint Kit - Contemporary Coffee
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NewNEEDLEPOINT CANVAS - Rhapsody Contemporary Design in Pink Green & Burgundy
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Crewel Embroidery Crewel Embroidery

Big Stitch Cross Stitch, Over 30 Contemporary Cross Stitch Projects Using Extra-Large Stitches
160 pages
Big Stitch Cross Stitch, Over 30 Contemporary Cross Stitch Projects Using Extra-Large Stitches

Provides cross-stitch projects, from pillows and jewelry wraps to eyeglass cases and Christmas stockings, that use extra-large stitching, and includes a section on basic techniques, finishing, and materials.
About this book
Love cross stitch but lacking in patience? Or are you a beginner who would like fast and fabulous designs to stitch? Do you have a larger-than-life love of colorful, hip stitching? Then this is the book for you. Featuring modern twists on traditional themes, you'll find fabulous designs that can be completed in a blink using tapestry yarn and large count canvas. There's favorites like cushions and pictures, as well as stylish Christmas designs and covetable gifts. Jacqui Pearce has created a stunning...

Needlework Through History, An Encyclopedia
236 pages
Needlework Through History, An Encyclopedia

scenes, exotic birds, animals, and figures were adapted to needlework from contemporary paintings and prints. Berlin work often included ... Today, needlepoint kits are available in a wide range of materials and quality levels. Contemporary ...
About this book
Needlework serves functional purposes, such as providing warmth, but has also communicated individual and social identity, spiritual beliefs, and aesthetic ideals throughout time and geography. Needlework traditions are often associated with rituals and celebrations of life events. Often-overlooked by historians, practicing needlework and creating needlework objects provides insights to the history of everyday life. Needlework techniques traveled with merchants and explorers, creating a legacy of...

Christmas present ideas from the best craft books

‘Whether my friends and family request it or not, I will be up at 3am on Christmas Eve because nothing is finished,’ Simpson says. ‘I try to make presents all the time. ’ The instructions are clear, and there are lots of tips, with ways to make things easier and ways to experiment. Simpson, 31, started her business in 2007, the year she moved into her first flat. ‘My nan can do every craft you can imagine,’ she says, ‘and there was a brilliant textiles department at my school, Wisbech Grammar. ‘In hindsight, I would have loved to have gone to the Royal School of Needlework,’ she says. She works from her home in Norfolk and says her house looks like her business. Modern Crochet by Molla Mills. Molla Mills is on a mission to bring crochet – that old-as-the-hills craft of making knots in wool with a little hook until you have a fancy doily – into the 21st century. Her first book, Modern Crochet, came out in Finland in 2013 and has just been published in Britain. She is now working on her third, Crochet for Men (her second is for advanced crocheters who have mastered the techniques in the first volume). Modern Crochet was written while she was studying applied arts and design at Aalto University, as her master’s thesis – the idea being that she could reposition crochet and make it relevant for her generation. ‘It is an ABC of crochet,’ she says, insisting that anyone can learn to crochet from her easy-to-follow step-by-step photographs. In Finland crochet is taught at primary school, but Mills learnt before that. But the things she does now cannot be compared to the things she learnt back then. She rips up old T-shirts and cuts them into yarn to make differently sized baskets for holding anything from pencils to newspapers. It was these rag-yarn baskets that first made her realise crochet could become a business. She started making them to sell to pass the time during boring lectures at college and could not produce them fast enough to keep up with demand. Then she started to do workshops showing people how to make them, and now she teaches regularly.

a crafty girl in London

there's been a pretty major reason why I've been quiet on the blog the past week. it's because we've recently returned from a trip to London. I was very, very nervous about attempting such a big trip and such long flights with the little ones (see accompanying post about traveling to London with toddlers below), but it turned out great and I would do it again (with a few modifications)...

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Made in the Americas: The New World Discovers Asia
Or an 18th-century artisan in the hinterlands of modern-day Bolivia would be commissioned by Jesuits to carve Spanish cedar and inlay it with mother-of-pearl to create an elegant writing box for a mission church elsewhere in the religious order's

Find holiday treasures at Butterfield Cottage
Find holiday treasures at Butterfield Cottage Nancy Anderson will have her popular doll kits. A supply of magnolia leaves will be available for creative holiday décor. Contemporary needlework by Jan Lambert is ready for purchase, in addition to other members' wide array of Thanksgiving and

The Couture Club
The Couture Club “First, it was for four to five days. Then it was for ten days. Then it was for the whole month.” Brusacà's usual inventory—paintings and sculptures by international contemporary artists—had been moved to a back room or to a warehouse. In the art

Inside the House of Gucci: Meet the New Creative Director
Inside the House of Gucci: Meet the New Creative Director Gucci's new creative director, the unknown Alessandro Michele, is a lot like the woman he champions: daring, curiously compelling—and with a streak of mystery and eccentricity. When Alessandro Michele was appointed the new creative director of Gucci