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NewNeedlepoint Mini Kit ~ Dimensions Colorful Contemporary Coffee Java #7233
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NewDimensions Needlepoint Kit - Contemporary Coffee
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NewVintage Danish Painted Needlepoint Kit - Lovely Contemporary Design - New/OS Rey
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NewNEEDLEPOINT KIT - Rhapsody Contemporary Design in Pink Green & Burgundy
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NewNEEDLEPOINT CANVAS - Rhapsody Contemporary Design in Pink Green & Burgundy
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NewDimensions Needlecrafts Needlepoint, Contemporary Coffee
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NewUnique NZ Designs Handpainted Needlepoint Canvas Kazek Ikat KIT contemporary
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New* Needlepoint - Cross Stitch - Needlepoint - Crewel Small Kits YOU CHOOSE
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Big Stitch Cross Stitch, Over 30 Contemporary Cross Stitch Projects Using Extra-Large Stitches
160 pages
Big Stitch Cross Stitch, Over 30 Contemporary Cross Stitch Projects Using Extra-Large Stitches

Provides cross-stitch projects, from pillows and jewelry wraps to eyeglass cases and Christmas stockings, that use extra-large stitching, and includes a section on basic techniques, finishing, and materials.
About this book
Love cross stitch but lacking in patience? Or are you a beginner who would like fast and fabulous designs to stitch? Do you have a larger-than-life love of colorful, hip stitching? Then this is the book for you. Featuring modern twists on traditional themes, you'll find fabulous designs that can be completed in a blink using tapestry yarn and large count canvas. There's favorites like cushions and pictures, as well as stylish Christmas designs and covetable gifts. Jacqui Pearce has created...

Needlework Through History, An Encyclopedia
236 pages
Needlework Through History, An Encyclopedia

scenes, exotic birds, animals, and figures were adapted to needlework from contemporary paintings and prints. Berlin work often included ... Today, needlepoint kits are available in a wide range of materials and quality levels. Contemporary ...
About this book
Needlework serves functional purposes, such as providing warmth, but has also communicated individual and social identity, spiritual beliefs, and aesthetic ideals throughout time and geography. Needlework traditions are often associated with rituals and celebrations of life events. Often-overlooked by historians, practicing needlework and creating needlework objects provides insights to the history of everyday life. Needlework techniques traveled with merchants and explorers, creating a legacy of...

Needlelace, Designs and Techniques Classic and Contemporary
176 pages
Needlelace, Designs and Techniques Classic and Contemporary

Illustrated with easy-to-follow diagrams and photographs, this guide helps you design and work your own patterns from the selection of component samples given here.
About this book
This progressive instruction course covers both classic and contemporary needlelace and is backed by easy-to-follow diagrams and photographs, including many close-ups of the lace being worked. Published for the first time in paperback, it will appeal to all those enthusiasts (including embroiderers) who wish to achieve real fulfilment and pleasure from the skill. Needlelace guides the reader through every stage of each project and covers the main forms of classic needlelace, notably Venetian Gros...

Did you plagiarize that quilt?

A brawl broke out last winter in an online quilter's group when one crafter shared her just-finished project and called it her "shimmer" quilt. The problem was, "Shimmer" was the name of a meticulously engineered pattern authored by an Australian designer. The pattern was available at a popular crafts website, but the proud quilter had seen the photo, figured out the design on her own, and then shared the result as a "Shimmer. "You ripped off the designer. "Not possible, as 'Shimmer' is merely a contemporary version of the classic block 'Hen and Chicks,' " shot back an equally incensed bee of buzzing quilters. Courtesy was restored only when the designer herself weighed in, asking that her copyrighted name and design be used only for quilts made with her copyrighted pattern. A crush of quilters bought the pattern and two weeks later, a new crop of Shimmer quilts bloomed. A new group, Real Stitchers Don't Steal, has just formed to fight off design plagiarism by Eastern European hackers who apparently have nothing better to do than take high-resolution photos of completed cross-stitch and needlepoint projects and... That cuts the original designer out of the $10 to $15 fee she's entitled to for selling each copy of the design. For the record, materials to complete a cross-stitch or needlepoint project can easily top $100. Trimming the designer out of the picture doesn't save much. I found a design online that will be fun and easy to make. The designer is long gone, so permission is moot.